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Deep Adbyss Traffic Spam Policy

Deep Adbyss Traffic does not allow any advertising of Deep Adbyss Traffic that would be considered SPAM. There are many legal avenues for you to advertise Deep Adbyss Traffic such as Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers and Safelist and Text Ad Exchanges and those are the correct avenues of advertising. If you advertise Deep Adbyss Traffic in such places as Social Sites such as Face Book or Twitter and Link In then you must comply with their rules and terms.

Any one who SPAMs others while advertising Deep Adbyss Traffic will have their accounts suspended. We hate SPAM as much as you do so please understand that SPAM hurts this site and does not help it.

That being said, We also do not allow members to categorize Deep Adbyss Traffic as SPAM. When you sign up or have signed up to Deep Adbyss Traffic you agreed to receive email from Deep Adbyss Traffic so there for any and all members who categorize our emails as SPAM or complains to Google that we are SPAM will have their accounts deleted and will be banned from Deep Adbyss Traffic permanently.

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